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  • Nonfiction Reading Comprehension Grade 2 (second grade)

Nonfiction Reading Comprehension Grade 2 - TCR3382

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Grade Level: Second Grade
Product #: 1003382
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After reading brief nonfiction passages about science, geography, or history topics, students answer multiple-choice and short-answer questions to build seven essential comprehension skills.

The activities target standards in these areas:

  • main idea
  • context clues
  • reflection on reading to develop ideas and opinions
  • interdependence of species and environment
  • physical characteristics of geographical location

Comprehension is the primary goal of any reading task. Students who comprehend expository text will have more opportunities in life, as well as better test performance. Through the use of nonfiction passages followed by exercises that require vital reading and thinking skills, Nonfiction Reading Comprehesion will help you to develop confident readers and promote the foundation comprehension skills necessary for a lifetime of learning.

Each passage in this teaching resource book covers a grade-level appropriate curriculum topic in science, geography, or history. The activities are time-efficient, allowing students to practice these skills often.

Essential Comprehension Skills
The questions following each passage in this book always appear in the samore order and cover seven vital skills:

  • Locating Facts - questions based on exactly what the text states-who, what, when, where, why and how many
  • Identifying Sequence-questions based on chronological order-what happened first, last, and in bewteen
  • Noting Conditions-questions that ask students to identify similarities and differences as well as cause and effect relationships
  • Understanding Vocabulary in Context-questions based on the ability to infer word meaning from the syntax and semantics of the surrounding text, as well as the ability to recognize known synonyms and antonyms for a newly encountered word
  • Making Inferences-questions that require students to evaluate, to make decisions, and to draw logical conclusions
  • Integrating Knowledge-questions that ask readers to draw upon their visualization skills combined with prior knowledge (These questions reinforce the crucial skill of picturing the text.)
  • Supporting Answers-a short-answer question at the end of each passage helps students to personalize knowledge, state an opinion, and support it

Includes benchmarks and standards.

48 pages

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